Your MasterMind Group

MasterMind Groups for *Mission-Guided Networkers

What is A MasterMind Group?

When two or more gather with conscious awareness and purpose, YOU activate a soul-powered source through the MasterMind, and can move mountains and make miracles. “Together mere mortals make miracles.”

The definition of *Mission-Guided Networker is: YOU have a business, nonprofit, project or YOU plan events etc. that depend on YOU connecting with others and building relationships. And they choose to join YOU, connecting their mission, to yours and together you inspire greater success for ALL.

Your MasterMind Group consists of 2-6 members. YOU meet twice monthly for two hours each time on Zoom. Beginning your second month, YOU agree to be committed to a six-month consistent, monthly timeframe. Your power increases as YOU know YOURSELF as others see YOU and better understand others.

During your 20-minute Power Seat, everyone’s attention is on YOU.  YOU share and ask for feedback and support from the group.  I am the Facilitator of your group and YOU receive two personal 30-minute Power Calls with me, Carol Ann.

Your two monthly meetings include soul-inspired tools and tips on subjects that are deeply important to YOU and directly inspire and contribute to your unique, authentic and consistent success. Are YOU feeling it?  Do you want to learn more about Your MM Group where big, interesting ideas consistently pop up, and stick? And Your Group works hands’-on to bring them to life for one another.

If YOU can agree with Lily Tomlin:  “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should’ve been more specific”… please call or email me, Carol Ann, for more information.  Let’s talk story.  Thank YOU for reading and I will love to hear from YOU: 808-203-9648 PST or